1. Click https://tennislink.usta.com/leagues/TLRegistration/Registration.aspx
  2. If you do not have an account please click on “Signup as a non-member”. If you have a membership number or non-member ID skip to step 4.
  3. Write down the non-member ID it gives you after filling out the information.
  4. Go back to the original link or click here
  5. Plug in your USTA Account along with the fall team number, 7039474421
  6. Click continue and you are registered

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Fridays 6:30 pm, Sep 13 - Oct 18
Raleigh Racquet Club

Winner, Winner

30U Tourney Summer 2019

3.0 - Sam and McKenzie Osman

3.5 - Erica Berry and Jack Hu

4.5+ - Josh Walker and Hawthorne Buck

Join us for the co-ed social league just for players aged 21-30 who are rated 3.0 or higher.  We'll have fun on the courts then enjoy some beer while we rehash the night. All participants will receive a free player gift plus a FREE drink at Matchpoint Grill each night of the session!