Request for Score/Player Change in TennisLink

We know that mistakes when recording scores are inevitable - use this form to request a score or player change in TennisLink.  For score changes you will need to contact the opposing captain and get his/her agreement on the change before submitting your request. Why?  Spring scores are used to calculate ratings so we want everything to be as accurate as possible!  

How to Contact Another Captain

Caught without your captains' list and need to get in touch with the opposing captain?  No problem!  Click here to find instructions on how to look up captains' contact information.  


Request to be Removed From a Team Roster

Do you have a player that needs to be removed from your roster?  Send your player here!  Players must request to be removed from a team roster - captains cannot make this request.  See the 2018 Capital Area Rules and Regulations for information on whether the player is eligible for a refund when being removed from a team roster.  **Please note that a player may not be removed from a team roster after he/she has played a match.**

Rules and Regulations

How do I get my team to the right place?

‚ÄčIf you are a City team, or playing against a City team, you will be assigned to one of the various City of Raleigh court locations for your match.  Make sure you check the match location on your TennisLink schedule when you print out your scorecard.  Click below to find city court locations so you can get your team to the match on time!

Grievance Forms and Procedures

The button below will take you to the USTA page where you will find information about filing a grievance, what is/ is not a grievance, and the forms needed to file.  You must contact the LLC of your division prior to filing.   

Questions about ratings?  

Captains who have questions about ratings or who have players on the team who need to self rate may click below for helpful information.

Captains, below you will find forms and information we hope will make your job as a captain easier!