**Check back for league date information. --Coming soon.

League Registration Information:

​Note: There are 2 ways to register. 1. Bring your own team and friends and create your own team. 2. Register as a solo player and be placed on a team (we will form teams)

Bring all your friends! All different levels! All teams will be mixed gender and mixed levels. We will match you against your level when you play the match.

*Minimum of 8 players per team. Mixed gender. No maximum. You will be paired based on level.

NO USTA membership required. However if you join the USTA during the Fireball season, we will have some great incentives and gifts!

First match will be held on Friday July 29th 2016. 7:00pm Raleigh Racquet Club. 

League Fee includes:
2 drink tickets per match
Fireball T-shirt
5 weeks of Play
*Light snacks will be available at Match Point Grille located at the Raleigh Racquet Club.

Fireball is a new fast-paced, short court doubles (mixed or not) tennis game that we guarantee will heat you up! 


Who can play in the league?
If you're over the age of 21,  free Friday nights, want to play a little tennis,  and are not a "weirdo" ( at least not in your mind), and have some form of transportation,  then you can join this league!

Do I have to have previous tennis experience to play in the league?
Nope, no, absolutely not! That's the best part!  Anyone can play!  How many matches do we play each season?
The regular season runs for 4 to 6 weeks plus a player party at the end of each season awarding the coveted Fireball Trophy!  
How many matches do we play each season?
The regular season runs for 4-6 weeks depending on how many teams register for the league.

How many players are on a team?
You need at least 6 players on your team (3 men and 3 women.) The maximum is endless!  Invite your neighbors, your fun friends an anyone else you think might want to have fun on Friday nights!


What exactly is the format?
2, 8 game pro sets of doubles are played: guys vs guys, girls vs girls, then mixed.... tally your games for all 3 sets....winning team has most games..get it?
-A few specifics: At the start of each point, ALL players MUST remain on the baseline until the first return of serve is hit. After that you can run around like crazy people if you want. THIS MEANS NO POACHING ON THE FIRST RETURN

What if I’m a loner and don’t technically have a team, but I want to play so bad I'll do anything?!
We will definitely take you... but you'll be labeled as a stray cat or a lost puppy.  When you register without a team, you will be thrown into the  pound, but don't you worry - we will find someone to adopt you! * see above red tab: "Dont have a team"

What if I don’t own a racquet? Can I still play?
Of course you can! However, we might roll our eyes at you,  short sheet your bed, and shout out to everyone  that you signed up for a tennis league with no racquet while laughing hysterically. But, we will have some demo racquets, they may be wooden racquets from the 1970's, but you can use them for free!

Honey we've shrunk the court!!! This FUN SOCIAL FIREBALL TENNIS league is perfect for all levels! 




Fireball Kickoff Party Pic's below. For more pictures, go to our

Facebook Page: Raleigh Tennis Association or Fireball Tennis