December 7-9, 2018



  Event Location
  Millbrook Exchange Tennis Center
  1905 Spring Forest Road, Raleigh, NC
  23 hard surface courts

  Event Divisions (age as of 12/9/18) 
  Juniors: 10U, 12U, 14U, 18U
  Adults: 2.5-5.0 doubles + mixed
  Seniors: 3.0-4.0 doubles + mixed (age 50+)


  * Players may enter 1 event.

  * Juniors may play in an adult division but       adult teams must have at least one player       who is age 18 or older.

  * Players may enter events above their
  ratings but not below. (e.g., a 3.5 player
​  may play at the 3.5 or 4.0 level but not 3.0).

  * The current USTA ratings are listed online     as December 2016 USTA ratings and should     be used for this event.

  * If you have a question about which level to
  play, please call Millbrook Exchange Tennis     Center at 919-872-4128.


2018 Frostbite Doubles Tournament 

This event will be run in TennisLink.
USTA membership is not required.


  Match Schedule
  Matches begin no earlier than Friday
  4:30pm for juniors, 6pm for adults,

  continue no earlier than Saturday at 8am         and will be complete around 6pm.  If needed   semi’s play Sunday 11am and finals at 1pm.     Players will be expected to play when they     are scheduled. Time conflicts should be 
  considered prior to entering the

Start Times
  Draws will be posted online at                by Wednesday
  December 5th at 6pm. 

Tournament Details

 ●  Consolation for all first match losers

 ●  Trophies for the finalists in each event

 ●  New balls provided for each match

 ●  T-Shirts for all tournament participants

 ●  Saturday hot lunch, drinks + snacks 


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Fee $25



 · Check this page for draws, updates and         tournament messages, especially if there is     rain or snow.

 · Matches will be 2 out of 3 tie break sets         with a 10 point tie break for the 3rd set.

 · Players should report to the courts 15             minutes before their scheduled match time.

 · Players should be prepared to play up to

  3 matches per day.

 · 15-minute default time will be in effect.

 · Warm up time limited to ten minutes.

 · Players are responsible for checking online     draw sheets during the tournament for any     schedule changes.

 · Players may substitute partners prior to

  the first tournament match and only if             changes do not effect the seeding.


2016 Frostbite Doubles Tournament 

2017 Frostbite Doubles Tournament 

​​​​ Need a partner?  Email

 david.bell@raleighnc.govwith your   name and possible division(s).

Entry Deadline - Sunday, December 2

 Juniors Playing with Adults - How to

 register the junior player.
 Juniors may play in an adult division provided

 their partner is 18 or older. Unfortunately this           system will not allow you to sign up a junior in

 an adult division so the adult should sign up and 

 then send me an email with your partner's name

 and their USTA # (if they have one). I will enter the   junior players after the deadline on December 3rd.

Register TODAY ​for our Annual Frostbite

Doubles Tournament.