Do you like tennis, leadership opportunities and social media? We do, too, and we're looking for a few great Raleigh tennis teens to help out!

Who are we? We're the Raleigh Tennis Association, and we help promote tennis in the Raleigh Local League of the USTA. Our website tells you about your opportunities to play, community activities and we’d like you to start our blog in addition to helping create content for social media, including our YouTube channel.

Who are you? You're a tennis player, active on at least two social media platforms and have an interest in building up your college resume. We're looking for every kind of player - middle school, high school, JTT and tournament. We just want to reward you for your love of tennis and social media.

What would you do? Well, we're going to ask you to do the same thing you've always done - post your thoughts and pics on tennis on social media with some added hashtags from us. We will ask you to write blog posts, too. We’ll also help hone your leadership skills and have you work on a project or two. We're going to ask you to commit for a full year of helping us out, and if you really like social media and blogging, you can go crazy - we don't mind. Really. We will reward you for it. How?

Swag. Enough said. In return for becoming a Raleigh Tennis Association Junior Council member, you'll get a letter of recommendation from the Raleigh Tennis Association for the work you've done that you can use for your college applications or for internships, opportunities to win tickets to the Atlantic Tire Championships, potentially the Winston-Salem Open, t-shirts, towels, bag tags and the envy of your friends who missed the cut. 

Sound good so far? Share some information with us so we can see who you are! Deadline to apply is June 15, 2019.