Tennis Jr. Tiny Tots, Ages 4-6
Eye-hand coordinator on games + fine motor skills are the focus of this fun intro class.
Tennis Jr. Level 1
No experience needed for this class. They will work on full swing forehand and backhand, volleys, overhead, serve, score keeping and the rules of tennis. To graduate to level 2, players must be able to serve 6 out of 10 in from the baseline, keep score and play a full court set.
Tennis Jr. Level 2
Requirements: Must be able to serve 6 out of 10 in from the baseline, keep score and have played a full court set. This class works on using full swing forehand, backhand, full swing serve, overhead, and good volley techniques while playing points. To pass, players must
successfully demonstrate these techniques while playing a match.

Tennis Jr. Level 3
Requirements: Must use full swing on all strokes during match play to enter this class. This class focuses on topspin and underspin for all strokes and the slice on the serve. To advance to level 4, players must be able to hit topspin and underspin on both groundstrokes, underspin on both volleys and slice on the serve.

Tennis Jr Tournament Training
Designed for junior tennis players who have learned all shots, group will workout and train for tournaments with the intent on of establishing or improving their state ranking. Meets twice a week to hit a large quantity of balls, work on conditioning, balance, speed and agility. Players encouraged to do additional training on their own with other team members and to attend USTA/North Carolina tournaments.

Tennis Summer Break Tennis
Instruction and play for juniors of all levels.  Players will be placed on the court of their ability.  The week finishes with match play on Friday.  Players with no experience will learn how to play matches.  Players with experience will learn how to play more competitive matches.  Class meets indoors for rainy days for physical and mental training.
Classes are held at Millbrook Tennis Center from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Courses are offered at Millbrook Exchange Tennis Center and Lake Lynn Community Center.

To register for an upcoming offering, contact Millbrook Exchange Tennis Center,