2020 USTA Spring League Change 

 40 & Over Format

USTA National and USTA Southern have recently voted to change the format at the 40 & Over National and Sectional Championships to 1 singles, 3 doubles beginning in the Spring of 2020. NC will follow this format for our State Championships. 
Therefore, beginning in 2020 CAP will change the local format to 1 singles, 3 doubles for all levels of 40 & Over with the exception of 40 & Over 2.5 which will remain 3 doubles (it does not advance past the State level).
The local tennis committee voted in favor of the change and I also felt it was important to mirror the State, Sectional and National format. It will also hopefully help to ease the court crunch in the Spring. A 2-2 tie will be resolved by looking at sets and then games. The roster size will remain at a maximum of 15.

-Tracy Debnam, LLC