Due to a directive from the USTA, all Junior Tournaments have been suspended until May 31st.

Are you looking for a list of all junior tournaments across the state? USTA North Carolina assembles a list of all tournaments across the state, broken down by level. Access the list by clicking the button.

​​​Notice to Players, Parents, Coaches, regarding the new formats for USTA North Carolina ranked tournaments:

Effective 2021, USTA National will be implementing one National tournament structure. In preparation for these changes, USTA North Carolina has begun to transition with the 2020 slate of junior tournaments.  Each tournament format will be posted on respective active tournament home pages, and eventually in the updated 2020 Junior Rules and Regulations to be posted following our USTA North Carolina Annual Meeting in January, 2020.

As a brief overview, USTA North Carolina ranked tournaments will now be for divisions 12U through 18U and will be using yellow ball.  For 2020 only, USTA North Carolina will offer 10U Green Level 1 divisions (and 10U standings) for players that are active within the Youth Tennis Progression (YTP).  USTA North Carolina points tables will continue to be utilized throughout 2020.

2020 Tournaments NC L1 (Advanced) to NC L5 (Intermediate) are intended for players that have an intermediate skill level attained through prior level-based play.  It is the expectation that each participant understands the basics of tournament play and are at an intermediate level of competency in scoring, match protocol and play, as well as respect and sportsmanship toward fellow players, parents, and tournament officials. These events are not intended for beginner players or those new to match play. As a sanctioned and ranked USTA event, any violations or codes given by an official /tournament committee member may affect future tournament participation.
Please contact Tournaments@nctennis.com should you have any questions regarding this information as it pertains to North Carolina tournament play for 2020.

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