Quadrants - Rules

    Morning Quads - Warm up begins at 9:15 AM and the first serve is hit by 9:30 AM.  Being Late - Players not on court by 9:30 AM will automatically move down a court the following week regardless of this week’s outcome.
    Evening Quads- Warm up begins at 7pm and the first serve is hit by 7:15pm.  Being Late - Players not on court by 7:15pm will automatically move down a court the following week regardless of this week’s outcome.
  2. FORMAT - Players will play 8 games of doubles with each of the other 3 players as their doubles partner for a total of 24 games each week.  The format of play is as follows; play 4 games with 1 player, switch ends of court and playing sides for the next 4 games.  Continue with this format with the next 2 players.
  3. SCORING - Enter your results on the Quadrant scorecard after each round and turn in at the end of the day. Make sure all players agree on scores written on sheet.  Once they are turned in, they cannot be changed.
  4. COURT ASSIGNMENTS - Player’s court assignment for the following week will be as follows: 
    - The player winning the most games in their group will move up a court
    - The player winning the fewest games will move down a court
    - The two middle players will stay on the same court
     - In case of a tie to see who moves up, the highest player listed on the score card will move up.  In case of tie to see who moves down, the lowest player listed on the score card will move down.
  5. SUBSTITUTES – Quadrants only work if players are reliable. If you are not able to come on a particular day, it is your responsibility to have a substitute there in your place. Failure to do so will mean that three players will be stuck without a game. We will maintain a list of substitutes.  Plan ahead if you know that you cannot play on a particular day.  Substitutes cannot move up, but they can move down.  If there is a tie between a regular player and a sub for moving down, the SUB will move down. To help us plan accordingly, please call or email and leave your substitute’s name, cell phone and email address. 
  6. RAIN – If you think that the courts may be wet, check your email to see if Quads is canceled or call the Tennis Center, one hour prior to the start time, at 919-872-4128. Please do not assume that because it is raining at your house that it is raining at the Tennis Center. 
  7. TENNIS BALLS - A new can of balls will be provided for each court for each session. 

CONTACT – Email Quads questions and messages to Cheri Kohan – cheri.kohan@raleighnc.gov 


All matches are at Millbrook Exchange Tennis Center.

Each week there will be eight courts of doubles matches. A player will play a total of 24 games in a round robin format-8 games with each of the 3 other players as a partner. The results will be used to adjust positions for the following week. The player with the most games won will move up and the player with the fewest will move down a quad.

All players are responsible for being present or to have a substitute present. 

Upcoming Quads Offerings – 
Fall 2018 

TUESDAY Evening Quads, Sept. 4 - Nov. 20, 7pm-9pm

Wednesday Morning Quads, Sept. 5 - Nov. 14, 9:30am-11:30am

*NEW* Thursday Evening Co-ed Quads, Aug. 16 - Oct. 4, 7pm-9pm

Winter 2018

Wednesday Morning Quads, Nov. 28 - Feb. 20, 10am-12pm

Sub-list -
You can join the Quads sub-list anytime during the year.  Email Cheri Kohan, cheri.kohan@raleighnc.gov