Summer Singles League

The North Carolina Singles League is a team competition for Men and Women with NTRP levels of 2.5 to 4.5. Each match is three singles courts. Teams shall be made up of a minimum of four players. Teams can have no more than nine players on a roster. The registration fee is $22 per person paid on TennisLink and a current USTA membership. City teams will also have court fees of $24 per home match.  All teams must have enough courts for equal home and away matches.

** Please note: If your match is on a Meredith College court, alcohol is NOT allowed on the campus​

Match Times

18 and over, Weekday Evenings 7:00pm
Monday -  2.5 Women
Tuesday  -  3.5 Men and Women
Wednesday  -  3.0 Men and Women
Thursday  -  4.0 Men and Women
Saturday 11:00am - 4.5 Men and Women

40 & Over, Weekend & Evening 
Saturday 11:00am  -  3.0 Men and Women
Wednesday 7:00pm - 4.0 Men and Women
Sunday 6:30pm  - 3.5 Men and Women
Thursday 7:00pm - 4.5+ Men

55 and over
TBD- please email me if you are interested in forming a team


Important Dates
Apr 16        Registration on TennisLink begins
May 1         Deadline to submit Team Information Form to the LLC (see below)
May 4         Team registration deadline.
May 6         Must have at least 4 players registered
May 27       League play for teams may begin.
Oct 12-14  State Championship – Goldsboro, NC

 Local singles League Coordinator: Tracy Debnam 

**Captains must fill out and submit a Team Information Form prior to registering on TennisLink**

**If you are a player needing a team or a captain needing players click here to access the form**