Raleigh Tennis Association is currently looking for individuals interested in helping grow tennis in the Raleigh area.  Consider joining a committee.  There are a variety of committees to choose from.  It's time to give back!

Diversity and Inclusion in Our Organization:

RTA and USTA is committed to increasing diversity and inclusiveness in our tennis community.  Along with its very broad demographic differences, diversity embodies cultural sensitivities  and openness and inclusion.  The RTA and USTA  fosters learning by reflecting on experiences from life in the tennis community  and encourages opportunities to think and behave equitably by acknowledging different beliefs, practices and cultural norms. By embracing ones uniqueness we celebrate strategic change while honoring the RTA and USTA  traditions and values.


We provide documentation for anyone fulfilling a community service requirement. 

Our volunteers don't just work, they make it work!