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RTA Board Spotlight: Welcome Alejandro!

RTA New Board Member Spotlight: Alejandro Pascacio

Alejandro Pascacio started playing tennis in clinics at his social club in Mexico City when he was just 9 years old. Like many of us, he immediately fell in love with the sport. One year later, his parents sent Alejandro to a tennis academy in Mexico City that was small but considered the best. Under the tutelage of the coaches there, his game skyrocketed and he started playing national tournaments when he was 11 years old.

Alejandro was ranked in the top 30 players during his junior years in Mexico, which led him to be offered scholarships for both high school and college. After college, when in his 30s, Alejandro played some ITF Pro tournaments and then he started playing ITF Seniors (35+). In 2017, he reached the world ranking #5 in Mixed Doubles, #117 in doubles, and #204 in singles. Way to go, Alejandro!

But he’s not just good at tennis! In 2016, Alejandro started playing professional Beach Tennis. By 2018, he had achieved a world ranking of #526 and #2 in Mexico. Impressive!

After Alejandro graduated from college, he started working for transnational companies in the food and beverages industry like Costco, Nestle, Pepsi, and today for Bia, a group that carries Latinamerican products throughout the continent. In 2013, Alejandro decided to give back to the tennis community by founding his own tennis academy, similar to the one that took him to play competitive tennis in his early years. 360 Tennis Academy, in Cancun, Mexico, has more than 100 students participating today and has had more than 400 total! In his free time, Alejandro teaches tennis in Raleigh while also maintaining his position as the Academy’s founder and working at Bia as the East Coast Manager in the U.S.

In 2019, Alejandro met Past President Bill Edwards at the USTA NC Tennis Weekend in Pinehurst, NC. After some get-to-know-you conversation, Alejandro shared with Bill his desire to get more involved in tennis in the Raleigh community. At that same event, Alejandro met Julie Dick, RTA Executive Director, and Ronnie Todd, RTA Growth Development Coordinator. We’re so glad we met you, Alejandro!

According to Alejandro, tennis gives us the best values for life while developing very strong mental and physical skills and, most importantly, self-confidence. His favorite tennis quote:

"Tennis is about making important decisions in just a few seconds, you make a decision every time you hit a ball."

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