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RTA Board of Directors Immediate Past President, Bill Edwards, grew up as a competitive swimmer. It wasn’t until college when Bill took a tennis class that he became hooked on the sport. During this time, he also worked part-time for Cy King at Millbrook Tennis Center.

While tennis remained a constant in his life, Bill also led an incredibly successful career in Electronic & Computer Engineering. He founded and operated an engineering services company before selling it and partially retiring a few years back.

Although he claims he has no major tennis accomplishments, his record indicates otherwise. He played on a World Team Tennis league team that competed in the National Tournament, and he has played in several USTA League teams that competed in the State Tournaments.

Bill’s commitment to tennis is not just evident in his playing skills but also in his contribution to the growth of the sport. He served as the President of the Raleigh Racquet Club' Board of Directors for several years and Interim General Manager for a short time. Until this past year, he served as President of the RTA Board of Directors for a four year tenure. Currently, he operates the Raleigh Pro League.

He had this to say about his service to the tennis community.

“It is so rewarding serving tennis communities in Raleigh. I truly believe it is a sport that can help kids live a more gratifying and successful life. I am so appreciative of the opportunities to grow the sport.”

In addition, Bill encourages others to dedicate some of their time to introduce tennis to more people and help make it more accessible for all Raleigh communities.

Bill’s tennis philosophy is “Stay active, stay focused, and keep moving!” As Bill says, this “works for tennis and works in life to be successful and enjoy the time you are given.”

Thank you, Bill for all you do for tennis in Raleigh!


RTA’s Chair of the Junior Committee, Jessica Miller danced for 8 years before she discovered her passion for tennis. It was when she and her siblings participated in a NJTL camp that she first realized she enjoyed the sport. Because her Dad played tennis, her family frequented the courts.

With tennis at the advantage and dance classes out, Jessica focused on competitive play in her rural town of Virginia. She traveled for USTA tournaments and led the varsity team at her high school. After high school, she joined the club tennis team at NC State University.

Jessica’s attributes her impressive playing record to her perseverance and persistence during game play.

“I never give up in a match. However down I am, I fight until the last ball. My list of matches shows that I have turned a great many so-called irretrievable defeats into victories."

A VA State Finalist in 2009, a four-time Southern Valley District Player of the Year from years 2008 to 2011, and three-time Regional Player of the Year from 2009 to 2011 are just a few of Jessica’s accomplishments. In addition, she ranked #6 in VA, placed in the top 25 in Midatlantic Region in 2010, and was named City/County Student-Athlete of the Year in 2011. Through the years 2015-2017, Jessica was a Tennis on Campus National Qualifier. She was also a Raleigh Pro League Finalist in 2018 and a Raleigh Pro League Champion in 2019.

Aside from her incredible skills on the courts, Jessica also has a passion to give back to the tennis community. In 2019, she served as a liaison to the RTA Junior Council and in 2020, she became a RTA board member.

With much fondness for what the sport gave her, Jessica says “I'm thankful to tennis for all the wonderful memories it gave my family as I grew up!”

Thank you, Jessica for all you do for tennis in Raleigh!

CHARLES PERRETTI, BOARD MEMBER RTA Board Member Charles Perretti picked up tennis after Hurricane Charley raged through his hometown two weeks before his senior year of high school. With the destruction of the nearby basketball courts, Charles was unable to return to the sport that he loved.

He found the tennis courts near his house to be miraculously untouched by Hurricane Charley’s wrath. Destined for a future in tennis, Charles watched as his neighbors played the game. Before he knew it, he was “shanking forehands with the best of them.”

With an optimistic and lighthearted spirit, Charles is bound to realize his ultimate tennis dream of “making it to USTA Nationals without playing a single match in the playoffs.” He cheers, “here's to all the bench warmers out there!”

Aside from his big dream for playing the sport at the national level , Charles, an Operations staffer for Cisco and a US Army Reserve, serves the tennis community as a RTA Board member.

“For me, RTA offers an opportunity to be around the game I love while working alongside others who are passionate about the game and our Raleigh community.”

We are grateful to have Charles on “board” with our mission to positively impact the community through opportunities to grow and play the sport.

And, what’s Charles’s tennis philosophy?

“What stands in the way becomes the way". As with life, we can never predict the outcome of a tennis match; instead, it helps to focus on what we can control and the attitude we bring to the table.

Great words of wisdom! Thank Charles for what you do for RTA and the community it serves.


RTA BOARD Spotlight RTA’s Chair of Fundraising, Faye Hooker learned to play tennis so she could practice with her children who started the sport at a young age.

As her children’s skills progressed, with the coaching help from the pros at the Ebony Racquet Club, so did Faye’s skills. She refers to herself as the “tennis practice mom”, and she practices twice a week to sharpen her own game play.

However, Faye’s devotion to the sport expands beyond just helping her children master the game. She also works tirelessly to serve the tennis community. When the Raleigh City Council voted and approved funding for additional courts to be built at Biltmore Hills Park, Faye took action on behalf of the community when concern mounted on whether the courts would actually be built.

As an advocate for tennis in Raleigh, Faye serves on the RTA Board where she contributes to the promotion and growth of tennis through fund raising for RTA grant, scholarship programs and outreach initiatives which brings tennis opportunities into the entire community.

Her tennis philosophy is a great one.

“In the game of tennis you have to be willing to make adjustments depending on the challenge your opponent presents if you want to win. Life is very similar, you have to be willing to make adjustments as you run into different obstacles in your life's journey if you want to be successful.”

Thank you, Faye for all you do for tennis in Raleigh.


to play tennis at just four years old. His father taught him the sport from their living room, and Brian has never looked back!

Brian ranked top 5 in the USTA-FL section as a junior, and he was named Florida High School Player Of The Year in 1996. Nationally ranked in the Top 50 as a junior earned him an athletic scholarship to NC State University. He was named All-ACC academic team in 2000 and 2001. Most recently, his team “RDUTennis” won the 2019 Raleigh Pro League.

Brian’s commitment to tennis not only serves him well on the courts but also the tennis community. Brian served as RTA’s 2nd Board President in 2009-2010, and he continues to help tennis thrive in Raleigh.

While the Director of Tennis at Brier Creek Country Club, Brian discovered that there was a need for tennis programming at various schools, parks and recreation departments, subdivisions, and country clubs in the area. With two facilities on board, Brian established RDUTennis, LLC in 2007. As of 2020, RDUTennis oversees programming at more than 30 facilities in North Carolina, 15 school programs in Washington D.C. and several programs in Central Florida.

Brian’s tennis philosophy is “Sometimes less is more!” We are grateful for Brian’s service to the Raleigh tennis community, and for what he does for the sport.

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