USTA Spring League

USTA Spring League 2021

Note: Spring League is in full swing, so if you are new to the league and/or looking to get on a team, check out our summer offerings: Mixed Doubles, Summer Singles, and Tri-Level.

USTA Spring League enables you to play team competition against players of similar skill levels. Most spring leagues consist of singles and doubles play. Leagues range from 2.5 to 5.0+ NTRP levels. Your play during the spring season determines your NTRP rating for the following year.

Teams compete locally to progress to state, sectional, and national championships. Players may register for teams at their NTRP level or one level higher. For instance, a player ranked 3.0 may play on a 3.5 team, but may not play on a 2.5 team. 

New to USTA League tennis? Learn more about what to expect from USTA League tennis here.

2021 Team Captain's Virtual Meeting

Team captains can view the virtual meeting below or directly on YouTube by clicking here.









Captains needing players 

If you are a captain that needs a player, please email Local League Coordinator, Tracy Debnam.

Please note that players may only play on one team per NTRP and age level. For instance, an 18 & Over 2.5 woman may play on a 2.5 weekday or weekend team but not both. She may additionally play on a 40 & Over 2.5 team if she is old enough.


Please read the following carefully, due to COVID we are doing registration in stages.


Important Registration Dates

  1. January 1-22: ALL CAPTAINS must fill out a Request for Team Number form for each team you are captaining. Captains will NOT create their own team this year; the LLC will create all teams. Team numbers will be assigned starting on January 1.

  2. January 22-29: Registration will open on January 22 with 8 spots per team. You must have 8 players registered by the 29th, including the minimum “on level” players required, if applicable. This is required to ensure the team is viable and we can start scheduling. See below for the minimum on level player requirements.

  3. February 15: Registration will open for all other players on the roster, 15 maximum. A player must be registered before he/she plays their first match.


Captains: Click here for the Team Number Request Form

Refund Policy

If the 2021 USTA Adult Spring League is canceled exclusively by the USTA, USTA NC, or RTA due to governmental order specifically related to a COVID-19 shutdown making it illegal, impossible, or impractical to continue the league, on or after March 1, 2021, but on or before April 10, 2021, RTA will refund $8.00 per paid registration for the 2021 USTA Adult Spring League. If any COVID-19 related cancellation as described above occurs before March 1, 2021, RTA will refund $13.00 per paid registration for the 2021 USTA Adult Spring League.

Said refund(s) must be requested by submitting an online form supplied by the  RTA and will be refunded through PayPal. There will be a limited time frame given by the RTA in which to request the refund. No refunds will be given after April 10, 2021, for COVID-19 related cancellation of the 2021 USTA Adult Spring League. 

Age Groups Offered

All players must be at least 18 to play in an adult league. A player may play in multiple age groups as long as he/she will turn the minimum age during the calendar year.

  • 18 & over

  • 40 & over

  • 55 & over

  • 65 & over

Age Division Formats

  • 18 & over:  2 Singles and 3 Doubles (2..5, 5.0 and Open: 1 Singles & 2 Doubles)

  • 40 & over:  1 Singles and 3 Doubles (2.5 Women and Open: 3 Doubles)

  • 55 & over:  3 Doubles

  • 65 & over:  3 Doubles

NTRP Ratings Information

Adult USTA teams use NTRP ratings to determine a player’s level. 

  • If you don’t know what your rating is, visit Tennislink to understand ratings.

  • If you don’t have a rating, click the “Self Rate” button on Tennislink and answer the questions. Your rating will be generated immediately.

NTRP Roster Requirements for Minimum “On Level”

League Schedule

***City of Raleigh Millbrook Evening Match Times ARE 6:30 AND 8:30PM***

***Matches at Meredith College: Players must fill out a COVID-19 Assumption of Risk document prior to playing at Meredith. Email the completed document to Tim Wilkins (Timothy.Wilkins@raleighnc.gov). In addition, all players must download the Campus Clear app (download instructions) and show it to the security guard on duty at the gatehouse. 

18 & Over (players must be at least 18 years of age to play in this league)

40 & over (a player must turn 40 by December 31st)

55 & Over (a player must turn 55 by December 31st)

65 & over (a player must turn 65 by December 31st)

70 & over (a player must turn 70 by December 31st)

Contact Dani Broadstreet via email if you are interested in participating.

Questions about spring league may be directed to the Local League Coordinator, Tracy Debnam.