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Summer Singles

If you enjoy singles and want to continue playing competitive tennis after spring league is over in Raleigh, consider playing in the 2022 USTA North Carolina Summer Singles League!

The singles league is a team competition for men and women with NTRP levels of 2.5 to 4.5. Each match consists of three courts of singles. Teams can have a minimum of 4 players and no more than 9 players on a roster. The registration fee is $22 per person, paid on TennisLink. All players must have a current USTA membership. City of Raleigh teams will also have court fees of $30 per home match. All teams must have enough courts for equal home and away matches.  

**Captains must fill out and submit a Team Information Form prior  to registering on TennisLink - click here to access the form**  

**If you are a player needing a team or a captain needing players, click here to access the form**

Click here for more information about USTA Leagues and NTRP Ratings.

Important Dates  

April 10th - Registration opens on TennisLink  

May 1st - Deadline to submit Team Information Form to the LLC

May 4th - Team registration deadline.  

May 6th - Must have at least 4 players registered  

May 31st - League play for teams may begin

October 7-10 – State Championship – Goldsboro, NC 

Match Times 

18 & Over Weekday Evenings 6:30 or 8 pm  

Monday - 2.5 Women  

Tuesday - 3.5 Men and Women 

Wednesday - 3.0 Men and Women 

Thursday - 4.0 Men and Women 

Saturday 9:00 am** or 11:30am - 4.5 Men and Women  


40 & Over Weekend & Evening  

Saturday 9:00am*** or 11:30am - 3.0 Men and Women  

Sunday 6:30pm - 3.5 Men and Women  

Wednesday 6:30,7 or 8pm - 4.0 Men and Women  

Thursday 6:30, 7 or 8pm - 4.5+ Men  

55 & over  

Monday 9am - 3.0 Women

Monday 6:30, 7 or 8pm - 3.5 Men and Women
**depending on court availability



Questions?  Email us at

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