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2023 Fall Singles

USTA Fall Singles

The North Carolina Singles League is a team competition for men or women with NTRP levels of 2.5 to 4.5. Teams shall be made up of a minimum of four and a maximum nine players. The registration fee is $25 per person paid on TennisLink and requires a current USTA membership. City teams will also have court fees for each home match ($30/match).

If you are registering as a club team, it is your responsibility to notify your club pro that you plan to have a team prior to filling out the Team Information Form. This will ensure that your club can guarantee home courts for your matches. All teams must have enough courts for equal home and away matches.


The Fall Singles League format consists of three courts of singles per match. A player may only play up one NTRP level above their current NTRP level. For Fall Singles, you do not need any "on level” players (e.g., no 3.5s are needed to form a 3.5 team. A 3.5 team can be made up of 3.0s).


Adults 18 and over are eligible to play. Each team must have a minimum of four players and a maximum of nine.


  • June 1: Team registration opens.

  • June 22: Team Number Request Form deadline. 

  • June 23: Teams must have three players registered.  

  • July 31: Season may begin.

***This league does not advance to a state championship.***


Google Drive for Captains and Players (click here)

This drive contains information pertinent to players and captains.

  • How to register on Tennislink for captains and players

  • Important dates for 2023 and spring play dates and times

  • Spring play format and roster rules

  • Tennislink Guide for new captains

  • Captains' meeting slides

  • NTRP Guidelines

  • 2022 USTA Capital Local League Rules

  • 2023 States Schedule

  • 2023 Wildcards

*Please note: A player may only play one NTRP level above their current NTRP level. Teams are encouraged to have multiple players on the level of the team registered to maintain the integrity of the league. 

ALL CAPTAINS must fill out a Team Number Request Form for each team you are captaining in order to receive a team number and be able to register your team. You will no longer create a team number on the USTA website.

PLAYERS NEEDING TEAMS: Players who do not have a team and would like assistance in finding one (please do not submit unless you are committed to joining a team.): Click here

**The 6:30 p.m. time slot will be used first until the court supply is exhausted.

Match Times

Questions? Email us at

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