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Adult Tennis Instruction

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If you have never played tennis or have hit around a few times with family or friends, then Try Tennis is an economical way to decide if tennis is the right sport for you.  In an Adult Try Tennis session, you to learn basic tennis skills, including ground strokes, volleys, serves and scoring. Your $40 registration fee includes 6 hours of group tennis instruction, a new tennis racquet and a Try Tennis towel. (first-time players only)  Get ready to go from couch to court in six hours!

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Try Play is a fun and engaging 6-hour program offered as a follow-up to Try Tennis.  Players learn how to play points, games, tie-breaks and matches. These play-to-learn sessions consist of group instruction and guided play, allowing you to play a match with little to no guidance when you are done. This program is ideal for Try Tennis graduates and beginner tennis players that have very little match play experience. 

Ready to dip your toe into some friendly, competitive play? Try Match is the next step for you. Try Match is offered in a half-day tournament format where participants play multiple, short matches in one day. You'll play against several players of similar skill level. Try Match is a great way to meet new tennis friends.

Try Match is ideal for adult Try Tennis, Try Play graduates or beginner tennis players that know how to serve, rally and keep score in a tennis match. It is intended for players who are rated 2.5 and below and who have not previously played in a USTA

Adult League or Tournament.                                                                                               

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Ready to Improve your Serve?

Raleigh Tennis Association is offering a one hour clinic with a Tennis Pro to help your tennis serve technique and get your serve in line.  The clinic will encompass the mechanics of serving including stance, stroke, contact point, toss, and follow-through, creating weight transfer.  You will see an immediate improvement in your serve.

We are only accepting 4 players per Tennis Pro so space is limited.  


When was the last time you picked up your racket? Does it feel like ages ago? You’re not alone! Rusty Rackets is the perfect program to enable players returning to tennis after an absence to wipe off that rust! With a combination of individual instruction and game/match play, you are sure to re-awaken your tennis skills, feel confident on the court again, and make new friends.

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