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Sip n' Serve

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Sip 'n Serve is a fun, social and with a new format!

Make it an evening with tennis first, socializing after! Enjoy a night out with your friends and get in a great game of tennis! 

  • We will be back in the Fall of 2024!  Registration will  begin August 12, 2024.

  • Sip n' Serve League will run from Sept 7 - Oct 26, 2024 - Saturday nights at 6:30 pm

Depending on the home facility rules, each team may bring food and drinks to enjoy at the courts after the match or head out to a restaurant.

  • NEW: Leagues will be for both 20 & Over and 40 & Over players!!!

  • NEW: Co-ed teams competing in a format that consists of 4 no-ad sets. One set each of men's and women's doubles followed by 2 sets of mixed doubles. Total games won from all sets determines the winner. Substitutions and coaching are allowed during the match.

  • NEW GAME SCORING: The scoring is no-ad. This means a game is won by the first team to win four points (1,2,3, game). When the game score is deuce (3-3) (game point), the receiving team chooses which side is to receive the serve. In the mixed doubles set the serve must be gender to gender at game point. 

  • Each no-ad set is won by the first team to reach eight games. A seven-point tiebreaker will be played at five games all in any set.

  • Court change overs will still be on the 1-3-5-7-9, etc.

  • NTRP levels of the two player: 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0

  • This is a Non-USTA League and matches won’t count for NTRP ratings.

  • Matches scores are added up to determine the team winner.

  • Minimum roster of 6 players (3 men and 3 women), maximum 16 

  • Club teams must get permission from their home facility before registering a team. 

Questions?  Email Bladen Leippe, Sip N' Serve Coordinator, at

Team Captain Registration & Instructions
Register opens August 12, 2024

Team captains are an invaluable part of the team -- the captain’s duties are broad-reaching from keeping all informed about match details, selecting who is playing in the lineup for a given match, entering the match scores, and even working to keep the team a team.  Listed below are the different steps a team captain will take with their team:


1. Sign up Your Team:  You should use the same email address as the league coordinator is using and after signing up, your team will be automatically visible in your account.  MAKE SURE YOU AND YOUR PLAYERS ARE USING THE SAME EMAIL THAT IS IN YOUR TENNISPOINT PROFILE.  Otherwise, the system will not recognize your registration and will apply your fee incorrectly.

2. Add Your Players:  You add your players using the “add/edit players” link on the “matches & teams” (top tab navigation) page.  You only need a player’s name and email address to add them to the team.  After adding all your players, the checkbox next to their name (in the list on the right side of the page) should be checked since they are probably not yet a TennisPoint member.  Click the “send invite email to checked” button and all of your players will get a customized message for each one inviting them to register and signup for the team.  Each player will fill out his/her registration details and be automatically dropped into the team upon registration as well.

3. Match Schedule:  The league coordinator will create the “match schedule” which will show you your opponent match dates, locations, and times.  The team schedule is visible from the “matches & teams” page.  Before the schedule is published, you will purely see a list of your players and be able to add/edit your players or email the team.

4. Match Availability:  Each player can mark whether he/she is available or not from the “Set/View Availability” page (link found on the “matches & teams” page above the match schedule on the far left).  It can be very helpful on the captain already knowing who is available to play which match.  Availability can ONLY be set after the schedule is published.  We do recommend after the schedule is published by the league administrator, that the captain email the team about the schedule and direct players to set their availability.

5. Match Lineup:  Captains and co-captains can all “create lineup”.  The lineup is the list of players playing each line.

6. Match Confirmation Email:  After creating the lineup, you can automatically email all your players alerting them to who is in the lineup.  Those in the lineup can also confirm on TennisPoint that they are still available to play and will be there -- this gives a little peace of mind knowing that the player is aware he is in the lineup and will be there at the match.  Some captains may choose to not create a match lineup before the match -- this is OK too.  The lineup will need to be created though before the match scores can be entered.

7. Play the Match:  Go have lots of fun and win your matches! You can print a “match scorecard” (PDF file) and take it with you to the match so that you can mark down all the match scores.  Remember to also fill in your opponent’s players who played each line as well since that is required when entering scores.  The match scorecard makes this easy and has both team’s rosters on the scorecard.  

8. Enter Match Scores:  Captain’s can enter the match scores after the match is played.   Remember to get the names of your opponents since the captain entering the scores will need to enter the opposing players for each line as well. There is an automatic 48-hour auto-approve for the opposing captain after the scores have been entered.  Any score conflicts can be edited by the league coordinator.  If a match is played early, the scores can be entered early as well.

Repeat steps 5, 6, and 7 through all of your matches throughout the entire season.


Player Registration & Instructions

Below are the steps for team players for getting the best experience on TennisPoint. 


 1. Signup for your team

You should use the same email address as your team captain used for you (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!)— check out your “team invite email” to confirm the email address used.   After signing up, your team will be automatically visible in your account.


2. Match Availability

Each player can mark whether they are available or not for a given match from the “Set/View Availability” page (link found on the “matches & teams” page above the match schedule on the far left).  It can be very helpful for the captain already knowing who is available to play which matches.


3. Match Lineup Confirmation

If your captain publishes the lineup before the match, it is best to confirm in your TennisPoint account so that your captain knows you will be there and you are aware where in the lineup to play.


Play your matches and have lots of fun! 

Email Bladen Leippe, Sip N' Serve Coordinator 

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