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Junior Tournaments

USTA Junior Tournaments

Whether you’re looking to earn ranking points, sharpen your playing skills, or have a fun tennis weekend, we have a tournament for you. Check this page often for a list of local, non-sanctioned tournaments and USTA-sanctioned tournaments.

Team Challenge
Team Challenge is a low-pressure team environment that allows children to develop their skills through level-based play without an emphasis on instruction or results. Players will enjoy free play, cooperative play, and team competition with short timed matches. Team Challenges are recommended for players that have completed Try Tennis and Try Play and players that can serve, rally, and score.

USTA Junior Circuit 

USTA Junior Circuit is a new program that utilizes a non-elimination round robin draw format for players of all ages to gain match play experience in a tournament setting with a focus on individual results. This experience will encourage players of all ages to develop their skills through level-based play and demonstrate good sportsmanship.

FEBRURY 5, 2023

XOXO Seven Oaks Jr. Circuit  REGISTRATION

Seven Oaks Swim & Racquet Club

Tournament ID: 23-07588



USTA North Carolina L6
A Level 6 tournament is meant for intermediate players and is the best place for Boys & Girl to gain tournament experience. B12-B18s & G12s-G18s Yellow Ball. 





USTA North Carolina L7
An L7 tournament is meant for beginner to intermediate players and is the best place to start for kids that are not used to a tournament atmosphere but have had some competition experience. 













USTA NC Tournament Schedule

Click here for more information about USTA junior tournaments.

USTA Junior Tournament Ranking System

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Other Tournaments

In addition to USTA-sanctioned tournaments, the Raleigh community has an abundance of other junior tournament opportunities. Check back here often for a list of other competitive play opportunities.

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