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Results, highlights, and photos from RTA Serve Up a Freeze L5 Junior Tournament & 10U Team Challenge

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

The 2020 RTA Serve Up A Freeze L5 Junior Tennis Tournament and the 10U Team Challenge were played over the weekend (December 12 - 13, 2020) at Millbrook Exchange Tennis Center and The Lakemont Swim & Tennis Club. Although no freezing temps, players did have to endure some rained-out matches. Thank you to all the parents who helped to dry our courts Sunday morning so match-play could resume!

Overall, both events were a success. The L5 tournament completed 127 matches with 125 players competing. The Team Challenge had 17 total participants for a total of 142 participants playing in the two day event.

Due to weather conditions, the Girls 14 & Under and 16 & Under were only able to complete their first round of play.

Congratulations to all participants! And thank you to all our volunteers for their hard work to make this event a success. And thank you to all our spectators!


Results - 10U Team Challenge

Red Draw Champion - Smith Fricks

Red Draw Finalist - Watts Goodmon

Blue Draw Champion - Maggie Manning

Blue Draw Champion - Zeb Perdue

Results - L5 Junior Tennis Tournament

Boys 18s Singles Finals | Jacob Suh d. (2) Matthew Robbins 5-3; 2-4; 1-0

Boys 16s Singles Finals | Luke O'Donnell d. (2) Joshua Hanson 4-0; 2-4; 1-0

Boys 14s Singles (Red) Semi-finals* | (2) Patrick Miller d. Houston Hooker 5-3; 5-3S

Boys 14s Singles (Red) Semi-finals* | Dhruv Mulik d. (1) Sellars Compton 4-2; 4-0

Boys 14s Singles (White) Semi-finals* | Brian Eddleman d. Thomas Park 5-4; 4-0

Boys 14s Singles (White) Semi-finals* | Brooks Parsons d. (1) Nathan Winstead 4-0; 4-5; 1-0

Boys 12s Singles Semi-finals* | (2) James Martin d. Paul Rebeyrat 4-0; 5-4

Boys 12s Singles Semi-finals* | Maxwell Skvarcius d. (1) Michael Tsynkov 4-2; 4-1

Boys 10s (Red) Singles Semi-finals* | Liam Weaver d. (2) Jake Ramasamy 4-1; 5-4

Boys 10s (Red) Singles Semi-finals* | Walter Nichols d. Gabriel Tripamer 1-4; 4-1; 1-0

Boys 10s (White) Singles Semi-finals* | (2) Kaito Ono d. Wells Fricks 5-4; 4-1SF

Boys 10s (White) Singles Semi-finals* | (1) Andrew Davis d. Sam Albouyeh 4-1; 4-1

Girls 12s Singles (Red) Finals | Avrie Helm d. Kylie Ryan 4-2; 4-1

Girls 12s Singles (White) Finals | Esha Penmatsa d. Lillian Diamond 3-5; 5-3; 1-0

Girls 10s Singles (Red) Finals | Emery Tripamer d. Lucy Dupere 5-4; 4-0

Girls 10s Singles (White) Finals | Caroline Urish d. Alexis Zhao 4-2; 5-3

*Division not completed due to weather.


Photo gallery - L5 Tournament

Photo Gallery - 10U Team Challenge

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