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RTA BOARD SPOTLIGHT: Brian Rosenthal, Past President

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Past Board President, Brian Rosenthal, learned to play tennis at just four years old. His father taught him the sport from their living room, and Brian has never looked back!

Brian ranked top 5 in the USTA-FL section as a junior, and he was named Florida High School Player Of The Year in 1996. Nationally ranked in the Top 50 as a junior earned him an athletic scholarship to NC State University. He was named All-ACC academic team in 2000 and 2001. Most recently, his team “RDUTennis” won the 2019 Raleigh Pro League.

Brian’s commitment to tennis not only serves him well on the courts but also the tennis community. Brian served as RTA’s 2nd Board President in 2009-2010, and he continues to help tennis thrive in Raleigh.

While the Director of Tennis at Brier Creek Country Club, Brian discovered that there was a need for tennis programming at various schools, parks and recreation departments, subdivisions, and country clubs in the area. With two facilities on board, Brian established RDUTennis, LLC in 2007. As of 2020, RDUTennis oversees programming at more than 30 facilities in North Carolina, 15 school programs in Washington D.C. and several programs in Central Florida.

Brian’s tennis philosophy is “Sometimes less is more!” We are grateful for Brian’s service to the Raleigh tennis community, and for what he does for the sport.

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