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RTA BOARD SPOTLIGHT: Bill Edwards, Immediate Past President

RTA Board of Directors Immediate Past President, Bill Edwards, grew up as a competitive swimmer. It wasn’t until college when Bill took a tennis class that he became hooked on the sport. During this time, he also worked part-time for Cy King at Millbrook Tennis Center.

While tennis remained a constant in his life, Bill also led an incredibly successful career in Electronic & Computer Engineering. He founded and operated an engineering services company before selling it and partially retiring a few years back.

Although he claims he has no major tennis accomplishments, his record indicates otherwise. He played on a World Team Tennis league team that competed in the National Tournament, and he has played in several USTA League teams that competed in the State Tournaments.

Bill’s commitment to tennis is not just evident in his playing skills but also in his contribution to the growth of the sport. He served as the President of the Raleigh Racquet Club's Board of Directors for several years and Interim General Manager for a short time. Until this past year, he served as President of the RTA Board of Directors for a four-year tenure. Currently, he operates the Raleigh Pro League.

He had this to say about his service to the tennis community.

“It is so rewarding serving tennis communities in Raleigh. I truly believe it is a sport that can help kids live a more gratifying and successful life. I am so appreciative of the opportunities to grow the sport.”

In addition, Bill encourages others to dedicate some of their time to introduce tennis to more people and help make it more accessible for all Raleigh communities.

Bill’s tennis philosophy is “Stay active, stay focused, and keep moving!” As Bill says, this “works for tennis and works in life to be successful and enjoy the time you are given.”

Thank you, Bill for all you do for tennis in Raleigh!

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