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RTA BOARD SPOTLIGHT: Kirk Wroblewski, President

Kirk picked up his first tennis racquet about nine years ago when he and his wife, Anna, decided to take a Raleigh Parks and Rec tennis beginners class at Lake Lynn. Prior to picking up a racquet, Kirk was an avid sand volleyball player. The tennis bug hit him pretty quickly after he started taking those tennis lessons at Lynn Lake, and he hasn’t looked back since!

“I'm enjoying the journey as I get better at tennis and the new challenges it presents along the way.”

Now one of his favorite things to do with his wife is to get out on the tennis court together and then grab dinner afterward. It's a great date night…“especially on the rare occasions that I win!”

When the RTA was looking for new board members, Kirk wanted to get involved in order to give back to a sport that he had come to really enjoy. He felt it would be great to help introduce and grow tennis in Raleigh with players like himself who had taken up the sport later in life.

When Kirk joined the board in January 2016, he and the board felt the RTA could use additional leadership to bring the RTA mission to life and oversee the great work being done by its volunteers and part-time contractors — it was time to bring on an executive director to lead the RTA’s next chapter. It was hiring Julie Dick to fill this new role that Kirk considers one of his greatest accomplishments as an RTA board member.

“Julie has made a significant impact on growing tennis in Raleigh.”

When Kirk isn’t on the court playing tennis at North Hills Club, playing a USTA League match, or supporting the community in his role as RTA President, he works for Deloitte Digital running their modern data platform teams.

Kirk’s "tennis" philosophy as it applies to life:

"Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it."

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