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RTA BOARD SPOTLIGHT: Charles Perretti, Board Member

RTA Board Member Charles Perretti picked up tennis after Hurricane Charley raged through his hometown two weeks before his senior year of high school. With the destruction of the nearby basketball courts, Charles was unable to return to the sport that he loved.

He found the tennis courts near his house to be miraculously untouched by Hurricane Charley’s wrath. Destined for a future in tennis, Charles watched as his neighbors played the game. Before he knew it, he was “shanking forehands with the best of them.”

With an optimistic and lighthearted spirit, Charles is bound to realize his ultimate tennis dream of “making it to USTA Nationals without playing a single match in the playoffs.” He cheers, “here's to all the bench warmers out there!”

Aside from his big dream for playing the sport at the national level , Charles, an Operations staffer for Cisco and a US Army Reserve, serves the tennis community as a RTA Board member.

“For me, RTA offers an opportunity to be around the game I love while working alongside others who are passionate about the game and our Raleigh community.”

We are grateful to have Charles on “board” with our mission to positively impact the community through opportunities to grow and play the sport.

And, what’s Charles’s tennis philosophy?

“What stands in the way becomes the way". As with life, we can never predict the outcome of a tennis match; instead, it helps to focus on what we can control and the attitude we bring to the table.

Great words of wisdom! Thank Charles for what you do for RTA and the community it serves.

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