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RTA BOARD SPOTLIGHT: John Van De Water, Treasurer

John, retired from working in finance in the pharmaceutical industry in Michigan and New Jersey, started playing tennis when he was seven years old. His mother and oldest sister played a lot of tennis and their family was lucky enough to grow up pretty much right across the street from a tennis court. Very lucky indeed! John then played his first USTA junior tournament when he was 12.

During each of the first three years that John played USTA League tennis, his team won the Michigan state league playoffs and qualified for the Midwest Sectionals. Due to two moves and lack of playing opportunities, John didn’t make it back to states for 17 years. Six years after that, John’s team reached sectionals again.

“I definitely appreciate it when our team goes to states or beyond.”

So how did John get involved in the RTA? During some of John’s tennis outings with Ed Farley, former RTA Treasurer, they talked about the RTA and its mission to grow tennis in Raleigh. Intrigued, John decided to attend a couple of board meetings to see if it was something he wanted to be involved with. The answer was yes!

John has been an integral part of the Raleigh Tennis Association organization since 2012. He has spent countless hours overseeing the RTA's budget, tax compliance, and overall financial management activities. We could not operate without him.

John says that his tennis philosophy encompasses four things:

  1. Focus

  2. Having fun

  3. Playing your strengths

  4. Staying calm

Sounds like good advice to us!

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