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Keisha Price Awarded 2021 Educational Merit Award

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

On October 2, 2021, USTA North Carolina announced that Ebony Racquet Club's beloved coach, Keisha Price is the recipient of the 2021 Educational Merit Award given by Buster & Karen Brown.

The Educational Merit Award recognizes an individual who has developed an outstanding tennis initiative, which provides leadership and inspiration in junior programming for schools, colleges, parks and playgrounds and benefits the growth of tennis.

In her role as Ebony Racquet Club Junior Coordinator, Keisha Price brings tennis to new players into both the ERC and Raleigh tennis communities. Keisha is very dedicated to Junior Team Tennis ("JTT"), her programs, and developing her young players into well-rounded, competitive players. Keisha is also known in the community for encouraging Ebony Racquet Club junior players to use tennis and academics as a segue to go to college.

Keisha’s tennis philosophy is one that resonates with us all: "Tennis is a sport that can bridge people of all races together. We just have to open our hearts and practice being inclusive.”

When it comes to her tennis accomplishments, Keisha is most excited about passing tennis, a family sport, on to her children. She recently watched her daughter, Nija Price, receive a tennis scholarship with pride.

Thank you, Keisha for the impact you have made on many young lives in the Raleigh tennis community.

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