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Celebrating Women for Women's History Month: USTA League Captain Spotlight, Lisa Kempf

Lisa Kempf found tennis later in life at age 47. In 2016, Lisa wanted to try tennis during her summer break from teaching. A friend asked if she wanted to share a lesson with her, and after the first lesson she was hooked! That summer, Lisa participated in lessons and signed up for clinics. During the 2016 Fall League season, she played in her first match! “I was scared to death! I remember trying to figure out how to score and how to do a tie break and being so nervous the day of the match I thought I would get sick. I actually won my first doubles match thanks to a great, supportive partner.”

By Spring 2017, Lisa joined a 2.5 team and only got to play 3 times. This was not enough as she wanted to play more! Eventually she learned that you could play on more than one team in a season by playing different age divisions (18+ and 40+) and that there were also leagues in other areas of the Triangle. “I could play for different areas...never again was I on one team for a season. My mission has been to be on as many teams as possible!" Currently, Lisa plays on 8 teams!! From playing 3 matches in one season to now Lisa says that she has played in over 303 USTA matches! “To say I am addicted to tennis is an understatement!” I think many of us can relate, Lisa!

When asked what tennis accomplishments she is most proud of, she remembers fondly that her first 2.5 Singles team went to the States and won! She also proudly participated in the States with her first 2.5, 40+ team in Winston Salem. “We did not win, but we had tons of fun!" This past summer, Lisa captained a 3.5, 40+ team that went to States and, in the Fall, she captained a 5.5 Combo Team that made it to States. Way to go, Lisa and teams!

Lisa got started being a USTA League Captain when she was bumped to 3.0 and had a hard time finding a team; so, she decided to make her own team. This was the beginning of Lisa's captaining career. Over this time, she has captained 29 teams, including 3.0, 3.5. 4.0 in 18+ and 40+ divisions in Spring, Tr-Level, Singles, Combo, Mixed and Winter Leagues. Lisa has captained it all! Impressive! We are so glad to have Lisa as a Captain!!

Lisa’s favorite "tennis" philosophy is: “Go out and have fun! Every time on the court is a new experience, sometimes it's great and sometimes not so much... Don't dwell on the bad days, just shake it off and be glad you were healthy enough to be on the court!”

“I LOVE tennis!” Thank you, Lisa for captaining and making the sport possible for others to love!

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