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RTA Community Spotlight, Meghan Coomes, Tennis Director at Hasentree Country Club

Meghan started playing tennis when she was eight years old when her parents decided to have her try it. It was evident early on that Meghan had a knack for it and she really enjoyed playing so jumped right in! She joined youth clinics and played local tournaments which led her to play college tennis at the University of Richmond.

While on the University of Richmond tennis team, she was Atlantic 10 All-Conference for all four years and she also held a Top 35 National Doubles ranking. Once out of college, Meghan played league tennis. Her 2016 5.0+ team won the 2016 USTA League National Championship. Congrats Meghan!

When she isn’t competing in USTA League or the Raleigh Pro League, Meghan is the Director of Tennis at Hasentree Country Club, a family-friendly tennis and golf club located in Wake Forest. “The club is growing, which is exciting,” says Meghan, “because that means loads of new people are learning the great game of tennis.”

Hasentree is an active RTA supporter and hosts many USTA League teams and matches as well as Raleigh Pro League matches.

Meghan’s tennis philosophy that she always teaches her ladies: "Never chase a toss and never chase a man." Good one, Meghan!

And she imparts this bit of wisdom on her juniors; “Love is nothing in tennis, but in life it is


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