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RTA Staff Spotlights

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

RTA’s Executive Director, Julie Dick, picked up her first racquet at age 14 to hit the ball over the net to her identical twin sister, Jennifer. It was love at first serve!

A simple suggestion from their mother to get out on the courts one lazy summer day led to a lifetime love for the sport. When the twins were not at school, they were often found on the courts until sunset. They played top seed for their high school tennis team where they dazzled spectators with their twin tricks during doubles matches.

The twins passion for tennis led them to become instructors with Parks and Recreation in their small hometown in Kentucky. While Agassi, Sampras, Graf and Seles were ruling the tennis scene on the world stage, the twins coordinated numerous local tennis events that were very popular among both youth and adults.

Julie’s commitment to teaching youth tennis and program coordination continued into her adult years. With her two young children in tow, she decided to start a tennis class as there was not much local youth tennis being taught at the time. Her class gained instant popularity, and it wasn’t long before Julie was teaching several classes a day.

To meet the demand of an inspired community, Julie formed the Georgetown Tennis Association (GTA), a USTA affiliated Community Tennis Association. Julie’s devotion and hard work quickly had a significant impact on local tennis and garnered state, sectional, and national honors for the GTA and herself including Kentucky CTA of the Year, Special Event of the Year, and Team Tennis Event of the Year. In 2010, Julie was recognized as the Kentucky and USTA Southern Junior Team Tennis Organizer of the Year, and was awarded the prestigious Janet Louer National Organizer of the Year which recognizes an individual who delivers USTA Junior Team Tennis to their community and embodies the true meaning of having a positive impact on children.

Julie’s philosophy is impactful but simple: “play to learn” which encourages players to learn the skill through continuous play of the game.

In 2016, Julie and her family moved to the Triangle area and the timing could not have been better as the RTA had recently created the Executive Director position for the organization and was interviewing candidates. Upon taking on the position, Julie immediately set to work on learning the tennis landscape and communities in Raleigh. Her experience and passion for community tennis has been instrumental in record growth of the sport locally and engagement with all communities. Through collaboration and building relationships, Julie continues to promote the joy of tennis, making the sport accessible for all to enjoy.


The Raleigh Tennis Association is pleased to announce that Elizabeth (Liz) Speicher has accepted the position as Director of Adult Leagues for the RTA. Liz will be coordinating the RTA's USTA leagues and managing the social league coordinators. Liz moved to the Triangle area from Pittsburgh in 2012 and found her new friend group through tennis.

Liz has been an active league player and captain. She also has played in the Raleigh Pro League! Liz has a passion for tennis and a strong background in counseling, management and communications. We are excited to welcome her aboard.


Perry LeGaux, Growth Development Coordinator was “bitten by the tennis bug” in 2012. Before that, while living in Greensboro, Perry worked full time in the health field and volunteered for her daughters' soccer and theatre organizations. Then, after 22 years, she and her husband relocated to Miami.

Once in Miami, Perry decided “to do something new just for herself.” So naturally, Perry enrolled in a tennis class at a Miami community college and immediately became addicted. No doubt, her newfound LOVE for tennis led to recruiting her husband, Elden, into tennis too!

“My husband took up tennis too and now we both play in numerous leagues separately or together as a team.”

In September 2020, Perry and Elden moved back to North Carolina. The pandemic forced a lifestyle change, and they moved to Raleigh to be closer to family.

“A main goal once settled in our new home was to find a way to maintain our tennis habit. The Raleigh Tennis Association was a great way for us to get involved with the community and to find information about tennis clubs, instructional lessons and league teams.”

The couple quickly made friends, and they love the new experiences that playing tennis in North Carolina has offered. On any given day, you can find them both on the courts, often enjoying a game of mixed doubles. Now, Perry looks forward to also being involved off the court serving as RTA’s new Growth Development Coordinator. Perry is excited about working for RTA as the new Growth Development Coordinator.

“I hope that I can now be the "bug" to "bite" others and help them to find the fun and benefits of playing tennis.” The RTA is so excited to have Perry part of the team!

Perry's favorite quote is one that we all can live by: “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier” - Mother Teresa

Welcome, Perry! We know great things are ahead for the Raleigh Tennis Community!


RTA's Y'ALL League Coordinator, Mallory Barishman, started tennis when she was a child. She remembers having fun; but "was really just there for the snacks." It wasn't until later that she realized how much FUN tennis really is to play!

With a new discovered passion for the game, Mallory participated in tennis summer camps and started taking lessons during the year. When she moved to Raleigh from New York a few years ago, she got into the swing of things! She found the tennis community in Raleigh to be "huge with so many wonderful opportunities to get out there, meet new people, and PLAY!"

Among the opportunities she found was the 30 and Under League, which has recently been re-named the Y'All League (Young Adult Local League). Through the the Y'All League, she has made many life-long friends. Besides meeting new people and playing fun matches, she really enjoyed the time after matches to socialize with drinks at Matchpoint Grille at the Raleigh Racquet Club. "This is where great friendships were made!" Mallory's passion for tennis is as huge as tennis in Raleigh! For that reason, Mallory is Raleigh's new Y'All League Coordinator! Mallory often can be found playing tennis at RRC. Find her on the court; and ask her how to join all the fun in the Y'All League!


RTA’s Community Outreach and NJTL Coordinator,

Roberta Hadley. For the past four years, Roberta's work on the RTA Board Directors led to the formation of the RTA Serves Committee which works to support the improvement of all NJTL Raleigh Chapters, expand RTA program grants, offer RTA college scholarships, and help introduce tennis to new faces across Raleigh. Since 2019, Roberta has served as the Raleigh Tennis Association Board Vice President.

In 2022, RTA has transitioned Roberta from a board position into a newly formed staff role as RTA's Community Outreach and NJTL Coordinator. Roberta will be responsible for connecting people in the broader community by cultivating relationships with businesses, schools, clubs, NJTLs, individuals, and other relevant organizations and stakeholders to help grow the exposure to and participation in tennis, particularly in underserved communities. Roberta will be able to leverage her experience to strengthen RTA’s National Junior Tennis and Learning (“NJTL”) programming and outreach efforts in order to impact more organizations within the Raleigh community.

Roberta started playing tennis in her 30s when she connected with the Durham-Orange County Tennis Association (“DOCTA”). Several of the DOCTA board members became her friends as well as her first tennis coaches. And, she has been playing tennis and volunteering in tennis communities in the Triangle ever since!

Roberta feels strongly that “Tennis is powerful enough to change your life.” It’s her “tennis philosophy” and one that she lives by — tennis is the tool she uses to support young people who may be struggling off the court in some way.

“I smile when they smile.”


RTA’s Promotions Coordinator, Elaine Perkinson ("The Lady Behind the Lens"), played softball long before she discovered tennis. Her softball career lasted until her late twenties. She left behind an impressive record with multiple state championships and a top 5 finish in the World Series.

When Elaine moved to Raleigh in the late 90’s, she signed up to play competitive tennis at Millbrook, and she and her friends played at Lakemont. Later, she joined teams at Quail Hollow and Seven Oaks Swim and Racquet Club. Tennis was now her new game of choice.

On most days, Elaine can be found out on the courts playing tennis, taking pictures, or as a USTA Official at a junior tournament. For three years, she was a tennis coach in Teach, Grow, Achieve's after school program for multiple public and private elementary schools in Wake County. For thirteen years, she served as a USTA official. Prior to the pandemic, she officiated for 12 to 15 junior tournaments a year.

Outside of tennis, Elaine is a certified wildlife rehab volunteer with American Wildlife Refuge. She can handle and rescue birds of prey, including owls, falcons, hawks, eagles and vultures!

When asked what she loved most about tennis, she said “I love tennis because it's a great sport. You meet great people and you can play for life.”

She has a simple and effective tip for a serving winning shot. “Hit it where they ain’t.”

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