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Congratulations to our 2021 Capital USTA Mixed Champions!

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Thanks to all the players that participated in our Mixed USTA Leagues! And a huge thanks and gratitude to all the captains that stepped up to lead teams this season. Below is a list of the captains whose teams won their divisions. Congratulations to all the winning teams and their captains! Good luck as they head off to the State Championships in Asheville in September!

18+ 6.0 MIXED

Jordan Yelverton

18+ 7.0 MIXED

Jeff Brooks

18+ 8.0 MIXED

Rachael Yelverton

40+ 8.0 MIXED

Ben Koren

18+ 2.5 MIXED

Emily Andino

18+ 9.0 MIXED

Leslie Lazaro

18+ 10.0 MIXED

Kris McGrath

40+ 6.0 MIXED

Hope Pflaum

40+ 7.0 MIXED

Shawn Lav

40+ 9.0 MIXED Rich McClenny

55+ 7.0 MIXED

Camille Conzola

55+ 8.0 MIXED

Becky Procter

65+ 7.0 MIXED

Jackie Terrell

65+ 8.0 MIXED Becky Procter

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