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2020 Team Captain of the Year: Jennifer Wolborsky

“Jennifer is a tennis role model and embodies not only great sportsmanship but also firm knowledge of the rules, etiquette, and decorum. She is a kind, respectful leader and organizer of her teams. Even in challenging situations within her team but also with other teams, she conveys respect, fairness, and pragmatism. I hold tremendous respect for Jennifer as a captain but also consider her a friend to all tennis players,” says one player about our 2020 Team Captain of the Year, Jennifer Wolborsky.

Jennifer, a Realtor with Allen Tate Realtors, started seriously playing tennis in 2017. Prior to 2017, she had played in a neighborhood league but had never really learned how to properly play the game. To get back into it, she decided to join a Level 1 class with Coach Mike Hendricks at Millbrook Tennis Center. In the class, Jennifer met other beginners with whom she is still friends today.

Seeing her passion for the game, Coach Mike encouraged Jennifer to join a USTA League team after the completion of the Level 1 class. She initially had no idea what it meant to play USTA League tennis, except that it was an opportunity to play some competitive tennis. After one season, Jennifer knew she liked league play and wanted to continue playing it but she also knew she wanted to be in charge!

Then one afternoon, after that first season, Jennifer and her friends sat down at a Starbucks and decided to start their own team. They started with one 3.0 team filled with the women they had met at the meetups. By the second season, they had so many people wanting to play on their team that they put together two teams (18 & Over and 40 & Over). And it continued to grow from there!

This season, Jennifer is captaining a 3.0 team at 18 & Over and 40 & Over and a 3.5 40 & Over team. Jennifer is especially excited about this spring season as they have many of their regular team members playing on multiple teams with them and a few new players who were once competitors teaming up to play with them as well.

“Jennifer is always making sure EVERY player is well taken care of! She loves each team like a family. It is important to her that we grow as players and not just win. Also, she does not allow any drama in her refreshing! Jennifer goes above and beyond to ensure that her team members enjoy the game that we all love by cultivating a team spirit with no drama and being known for fair play & integrity. Jennifer works hard to make great partnerships and create equal playing time. Works to organize practice time to improve the team,” said another one of her players.

So, what is it about tennis that makes Jennifer happy?

“Tennis just makes me happy! My week is always better when I have lots of tennis scheduled. I constantly watch the weather and plan ahead on days with no league matches or lessons to see who wants to meet up and get in a few hours of tennis! I can't even explain in a few sentences how tennis has impacted my life. Some of my very closest friends have come from tennis. My co-captain, Tiffany Brooks, has become one of my very closest friends and my lifeline during this Covid craziness. And we didn't even know each other 3 years ago!”

We totally understand, Jennifer!

Jennifer and her team, the City Girls
Jennifer with her award
Jennifer and RTA President, Kirk Wroblewski
The 2020 RTA Award Winners

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Ken Glanville
Ken Glanville
26 de fev. de 2021

Awesome representation of the great people that signify Millbrook Exchange Tennis center! thanks for all your accomplishments and dedication to our programs!

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