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RTA Board Spotlight: Welcome Ronnie!


Ronnie Todd picked up her first racquet at age 12 and immediately adored learning the game and spending countless hours on the court. Ronnie played on her high school varsity team for three years but her interest in tennis waned during her college years.

Ronnie re-discovered her love of tennis when introducing tennis to her children. Her family spent many happy (and sometimes frustrating) hours on the court together. With her passion for tennis re-kindled, Ronnie began playing ladder matches, World Team Tennis and USTA League tennis.

“The very best part of tennis has to be the close and lasting friendships that develop on the court and carry over into all aspects of life."

After retiring from IBM, Ronnie spent two years coaching tennis before joining the RTA as the

Growth Development Coordinator. Ronnie organized the Try Tennis pathway in Raleigh and Knightdale for 3 and a half years. As the demand for tennis surged in 2020 and 2021, Ronnie partnered with clubs, organizations and coaches to expand programming and ensure that new players who wanted to learn the game were able to do so.

Ronnie also collaborated with the RTA team to launch the Rusty Rackets program for players returning to the game of tennis. The Raleigh Tennis Association was the first Community Tennis Association in North Carolina to offer this program which has proven to be extremely popular.

In 2022 Ronnie was nominated to hold an RTA Board position, where she will continue to help shape the direction of the RTA moving forward.

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