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The I Spy a Try Tennis Truck Contest

The first person who can spot this truck, snap a picture of it, and post it to social media will win a $25 Amazon gift card. We will identify two winners - one on Facebook and one on Instagram.

After the first two winners, we'll put everyone else who posts the picture into a drawing for a chance to win more $25 Amazon gift cards!

For a chance to win, you must: - Post the photo to your Facebook page and tag Raleigh Tennis Association, USTA North Carolina, and #trytennis - OR post to Instagram (your profile has to be public) and tag @rtatennis, @ustanorthcarolina, #trytennis, #rtatennis, #raleightennis - The photo must include either the entire side or back of the truck with the Raleigh Tennis Association logo showing.

Happy spying!

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