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2020 Player of the Year: Wendy Christensen

Wendy Christensen, the Raleigh Tennis Association 2020 Player of the Year, took her first tennis lessons at Millbrook Tennis Center in 2017 after attempting to feed a hopper of balls to her daughter. When Wendy couldn’t get even feed one ball close to her daughter, she realized she’d need to take some lessons if she was to also help her daughter get better at tennis.

Wendy signed up for Level 1 lessons with Coach Mike Hendricks. Coach Mike taught Wendy how to play and encouraged her and her classmates to play as often as possible.

In her 50’s, Wendy is thrilled that she’s not too old to learn a new sport. Since taking up tennis, Wendy has enjoyed the community of people she has met on the court, being outdoors, and the physical and mental challenges that tennis provides.

“Win or lose, I am thankful to be on the court. I hope to continue playing all the rest of my days,” says Wendy about tennis.

Wendy was invited to join Jennifer Wolborsky’s Millbrook City Girls team as a 2.5 player. Since that initial invite she moved up to 3.0 and she has signed up for all the teams Jennifer and Tiffany Brooks have captained including 18 & Over and 40 and Over at both the 3.0 and 3.5 levels. This season, Wendy has also joined Bernice Kelly’s 55 & Over 3.5 team.

“Wendy is fierce, driven, and can compliment anyone’s style of play on my team. Not only is her positive energy contagious, but she also has the best sportsmanship on the team. I am honored she choose to play on my team,” said Bernice Kelly about Wendy.

Wendy was thrilled when the public tennis courts re-opened in Raleigh after being shut down due to COVID for a few months. She and her tennis friends were all cautious and careful, but so happy to be on the court. We all were, Wendy!

“This is the first tennis award that I have won and feel honored to receive it. My heart is filled with gratitude for my teammates, captains, coaches, and family members who have been very patient and supported me on the tennis journey.”

Wendy with her award

The 2020 RTA Award Winners
Wendy and RTA President, Kirk Wroblewski

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