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Black History Month Spotlights

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

In 1969, US Open champion Arthur Ashe co-founded the National Junior and Tennis Learning Network (NJTL) alongside Charlie Pasarell and Sheridan Snyder with the intention of using tennis to teach young people life lessons. More than five decades later, the network's participants are among those stepping up as vocal young voices for change. Boys and Girls Clubs of Wake County is a local NJTL program under the Raleigh Tennis Association umbrella.

For the final day of Black History Month, RTA would like to recognize a young leader who is an example to her peers and community.

Katelyn participates in the Raleigh Girls Club. She attends Enloe High School and has been inducted into The National Honors Society based on strong academics and character. Her favorite subject is English, and she wants to be a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist.

Through her participation in the Raleigh Girls Club, Katelyn had opportunities to learn tennis and to visit one of the area’s tennis clubs. Katelyn said, “I like how active tennis is; the sport constantly keeps you on your feet and it’s a great challenge for anyone who wants to practice their motor and hand eye coordination skills.”

Katelyn believes that Black History Month is important “because we are not taught enough about black history in school so just to have this whole month to learn and embrace our melanin is very important to me.”

Continue to shine, Katelyn! To celebrate Black History Month, RTA is recognizing local leaders that have made a great impact on our community.


LaToya Montague Communities In Schools of Wake County (CIS Wake) helps schools remove the barriers that put students at risk of wasting potential.

CIS Wake’s mission is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.

LaToya Montague has served as CIS Wake’s Executive Director for nearly five years and in other capacities for another 15 years. She graduated from NC State in 1998 with a degree in Management (Summa cum laude) and since that time, she has given her heart and soul to support the academic success of K-12 students across Wake County. From Chantel – a recent MBA graduate who credits much of her success to LaToya – to AJ, who just finished first grade, thousands of students have relied on LaToya for mentorship, support, and love.

Four years ago, LaToya welcomed the invitation to join efforts to expand tennis participation by becoming one of RTA’s NJTL (National Junior Tennis and Learning) program. Since then, over 50 students have picked up a tennis racquet who otherwise may not have the opportunity.

Students participating in CIS Wake’s after-school programs and summer camps receive basic tennis instruction and have opportunities to compete against their peers.

Thanks, LaToya, for all that you do!


Ken Glanville

Raleigh's Parks and Recreation Department provides opportunities for its residents to participate in tennis play for Adults and Kids. Millbrook Exchange Tennis Center, the department's flagship tennis center, opened its doors in 1974 and has served thousands of Raleigh citizens.

Ken Glanville is the Assistant Tennis Director for the City of Raleigh. In this role, his primary responsibilities include coaching JTT, running summer NJTL, and supervising the Tennis ladder. He has been with the City of Raleigh for over 22 years. Ken, a native of Teaneck, NJ, graduated from Atlantic Christian College (Barton) with a degree in Sports Administration. Since graduation, he has donated to several charities including Boys and Girls club, United Way and Goodwill.

Ken is an avid player and community leader. He has participated on teams that have been state, sectional and national champions. For many years, he has facilitated a wonderful partnership with RTA, particularly engaging youth in Junior Team Tennis.

“Ken Glanville has been a key person in the City of Raleigh Tennis program since 2001 when he was initially hired to expand the Raleigh Parks National Junior Tennis League,” says Cy King, former Director of Tennis for the City of Raleigh. "Ken has been a positive force for tennis in the Raleigh area and has impacted many lives with his outgoing personality and dedication to the City of Raleigh tennis program.”

RTA is grateful for all of Ken's contributions to tennis in the Raleigh community. Thanks, Ken!

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