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RTA Community Spotlights: Tennis Services & Shops | Bryan’s Tennis

Bryan Gillespie, Executive Manager, of Bryan’s Tennis is an active tennis player in the Raleigh area as are his parents and business partners. He grew up playing tennis at his neighborhood club. Bryan not only played in the local junior tennis program but he assisted with the program as well. He played junior tennis tournaments and for his local high school team. Bryan and his entire family have been active in local tennis leagues and groups in the Raleigh area.

Bryan's Tennis, a family-owned business, opened in November 2012. While working at a local sporting goods store Bryan grew frustrated with not being able to stock the tennis equipment his customers wanted and needed. After developing a business plan with family partners, they opened the doors of Bryan’s Tennis on Black Friday 2012.

Bryan's Tennis is a tennis specialty shop serving the Triangle area with tennis racquets, court shoes, bags, apparel, and tennis accessories. They offer racquet stringing services, racquet customization, a full racquet demonstration program, and a hitting area in the shop. As an owner and executive manager, Bryan is engaged in all aspects of the business.

Bryan's Tennis engages with players, tennis professionals, and clubs throughout the Triangle. They were recently featured on ABC11 News as part of a segment on tennis in the Covid era. As a safe sport, tennis activity is booming with people playing more with friends and family.

You can visit Bryan’s Tennis online or in person in Brier Creek at 6405 Westgate Road, Suite 127, Raleigh NC 27617.6

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