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RTA Community Spotlights: Tennis Services & Shops | Omega Sports

A graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, Todd Shields, has been working at Omega Sports since he graduated in 1998. He started in the Durham location and moved to the Raleigh location in 2004. Recently promoted to District Manager for the Raleigh and Wilmington markets, Todd spoke to the RTA about how Omega Sports supports the local tennis community.

Omega Sports was founded in Greensboro in 1978! Through the years, Omega's service and success allowed them to open locations throughout the state. The Raleigh location was opened off of Falls of the Neuse in 1999 but moved to North Hills in 2005.

Since 1999, Omega Sports has been one of the Raleigh tennis community’s go-to stores for tennis footwear, racquets, and accessories. Omega also restrings and regrips racquets. In addition to tennis, they have a strong focus on running, swimming, and soccer, and provide top-notch service in finding the right item to meet their customer's active needs.

In addition to being a great go-to tennis shop for the community, Omega has been a sponsor of the Millbrook Exchange's tennis ladders for years. They’re also a sponsor for the Raleigh Pro League and have expressed interest in partnering with the RTA on other community projects. Omega has also supported RTA programs with gift cards, sponsored and hosted events, offered discounts to league players, and more.

When asked about his life philosophy, Todd said while it isn’t tennis-specific he does find myself falling back on these words regardless of the sport or moment in life:

"I'ma keep runnin' cause a winner don't quit on themselves." --- Beyonce

Todd isn’t active in league tennis but he does take to the courts every now and then with colleagues from work. They enjoy getting together and hitting the ball around. That’s what it’s all about, Todd!

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