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Pamela Hankerson is the Raleigh Tennis Association’s 2021 Best Captain of the Year!

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Voted by local players as the 2021 Captain of the Year in Raleigh, this award is given to an area captain, voted by their peers and teammates as being hardworking, organized, and devoted.

Pamela has proven herself to be a friendly, faithful, and steadfast captain. She makes everyone feel not only like they are welcome, but also like they are necessary members of the family. Being a captain is not an easy job—yet you would never suspect that while watching her do it!

Her positive attitude, enviable level of organizational skills, and tireless devotion to helping all that she can makes her an incredible person and captain. Pamela’s teammates and peers remarked on her incredibly responsiveness.

One person wrote: “She replies to your questions all times of the day and night even though she works full time. One would believe that she was waiting for your message. She's very supportive and encouraging at all times, not to mention funny too. I wish everyone could have a captain like Pam.”

In addition to her captain’s duties where she leads several teams every season with effortless grace and working a full-time job as a software developer; Pam regularly organizes opportunities for players to practice, clinics, and social gatherings that bring everyone together. Pamela is selfless in her service and is known to bring out the best in everyone she works with.

Pamela Hankerson was introduced to tennis in 2014 by her best friend, Keisha Price, who just so happens to coach Junior Team Tennis here in the Raleigh area! She is passionate about tennis because it is the one sport that people can play for their entire lives, and it has allowed her to meet great people and enjoy some energizing competition. Pamela reminisced that when she first began playing tennis, and claims, she “wasn’t very good.” It was hard for her to find leagues to join, so she decided to captain her own league team! This eventually became her captaining between 6-7 teams per year, typically 3.5 18+ Women's division teams, but occasionally she will captain a 7.0 Mixed and a 3.0/3.5/4.0 Tri-Level team. Pamela remarked, “I am so very grateful to have the opportunity to play a sport that I have absolutely become addicted to, with a team of wonderful, kind, and fierce tennis players.”

Congratulations, Pamela!

Pamela with her award

Pamela and tennis friends at Pullen Park

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