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Rob Simeone is the Raleigh Tennis Association’s 2021 Volunteer of the Year!

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

This award is given to a volunteer in our community that exemplifies extraordinary efforts in dedicating their time to Raleigh Tennis Association events and programs. Rob’s contributions to the Try Tennis pathway and the Rusty Rackets program have been tremendous; and we greatly appreciate Rob's dedication to help make these programs a success. He is receiving this award because of his admirable dedication to helping new and returning players in the RTA's Rusty Rackets program.

“Rob has offered coaching expertise to small groups and individuals. He has even met players at Bryans tennis to help them choose a new racquet. In addition, Rob has volunteered with Try Match tournaments and brings his own leaf blower to ensure the courts are ready for play,” says Ronnie Todd, RTA former Growth Development Coordinator and now serving on the RTA board.

Rob started playing tennis in his late twenties when his girlfriend, (who is now his wife) an avid tennis player, bought him a racquet. He played her and, much to her surprise, won! He’s been playing ever since. Rob has played in several tournaments over the years and even won a gold medal at the World Senior Games in Utah. After being a regular attendee at many tennis clinics at Van der Meer tennis over the years, he finally decided to attend their tennis academy where he picked up some very good tips on coaching. When asked why he loves coaching tennis so much, Rob replied, “I have made many close friends through tennis which is a big benefit in life. I also love teaching and seeing my students improve, which is the most gratifying part. I also enjoy the reaction of the parents as they see their children make real progress.” He continues, “One of my favorite memories is of the father of one of my students. He didn't know me but chose me for his daughter because we are both lefthanded. The memory I have is the look on his face after the first lesson when he saw how well his daughter was hitting a tennis ball. I think he was happier than she was." “I also am amazed at how many people are excited to get back into tennis and how motivated they are. I want to help them achieve their goals if I can. This is why I enjoyed working with Rusty Rackets.” Congratulations, Rob! Thank you for all you do for tennis in Raleigh!

Rob with his award, Volunteer of the Year!

Rob Simeone, Volunteer of the Year

Rob (far right) with Rusty Racket players!

Rob and Ronnie at a Rusty Racket sessions

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