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RTA Try Tennis Spotlight: Tammy Kaufman

Artist, mountain biker, Try Tennis participant.

When Tammy Kaufman was looking to get back into tennis, after a decade of not playing, she did what a lot of people do, she googled “Raleigh tennis for beginners.” The search results brought her to the Raleigh Tennis Association’s Try Tennis website where she found several opportunities for getting back on the court and refreshing her tennis game.

Tammy says that her favorite part of her Try Tennis experience was meeting “fun and delightful people of all backgrounds.” Access for people of all backgrounds is exactly why Tammy loves tennis. She also loves that it is accessible for people of any age or ability and provides an incredible opportunity to be physically active as well as for personal challenge and growth.

Since her Try Tennis session, Tammy has participated in both Try Play and Try League — the next sessions in the Try Tennis pathway. And she whole-heartedly recommends Try Tennis to anyone looking to learn, or get back into, the sport. When you do sign up, “enjoy the experience and cherish the friendships you most certainly will develop.”

Like many people, the pandemic has put a hold on most of Tammy’s tennis activities. Tammy is in a higher-risk group and has been sidelined for much of the last seven months but she isn’t letting the pandemic stop her completely! Tammy has kept up her form by practicing serves in her backyard. She does hope to get back on the court soon.

When she isn’t working on her game, Tammy is an artist and former competitive mountain bike racer. You can learn more about Tammy and check out her artwork on her website:

So, Tammy, what is your favorite shot?

“Whichever shot wins the point!”

Game set match

by Tammy Kaufman


by Tammy Kaufman

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