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USTA will not publish 2020 year-end NTRP ratings

2020 USTA NTRP Year-end Rating FAQs

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, all USTA programming was suspended for a significant part of the year and play has resumed only sporadically, and not in all Sections and Districts.  In 2020, 80% of all USTA League Championships (including 100% of USTA League National Championships) have been canceled.

These cancellations and other Covid-related prohibitions have resulted in 62% fewer USTA League matches played through August 3, 2020 as compared with August 3, 2019, and have had additional impacts on access to tennis and participation in other USTA programs, including NTRP Tournaments. 

While the NTRP system remains sound, these facts coupled with thorough deliberation have led the USTA to make the difficult decision not to run or publish year-end NTRP ratings for 2020.  However, matches played will continue to calculate toward a player’s rating and will be used in the 2021 year-end rating calculation and publication.

What rating will I use to play in the USTA League 2021 Championship Year and/or 2021 NTRP Tournaments?

Players will continue to use their most current, valid NTRP rating for play in 2021 USTA Leagues and Tournaments. 

My rating is expiring, how do I proceed?

If your rating has expired before registering, you will need to self-rate.

What does this mean for self-rated players?

Players who were self-rated will retain that self-rating for 2021 play.  A player's self-rating is valid for two years.

What does this mean for players who were dynamically disqualified (DQ’d) during 2020?

The DQ process for self-rated and computer rated appealed players will continue to be in effect for 2020 and 2021, as the players’ matches continue to be part of nightly calculation.

Is the appeals process changing?

Standard appeals processes will exist just as they do today.  

What does this mean for appeals that were granted or denied for 2020?

All appeals that were granted or denied in the 2020 championship year will remain valid for 2021.

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