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RTA Community Spotlight: Jason DeGroff, Managing Partner, Swing Racquet + Paddle

Jason DeGroff, Managing Partner at Swing Racquet + Paddle, belongs to a family who loves to play tennis. His wife’s enthusiasm for the sport inspired the entire family to get into the game. Both children (ages 15 and 13) are into regular tournament play, and his wife plays for several teams.

“They’re all fantastic players so when it comes to family doubles, they’re drawing straws to see who’s stuck with me!”

No one is stuck with Jason on his mixed doubles team! Jason found his swing on the courts when he and his team won three consecutive state championships. From the underdogs, in year one, to three-time state champions by year three, his Seven Oaks team proved that they were the ones to beat! Jason attributes the wins to “great captaining, a lot of grit, and a few IPA’s.”

His passion for tennis includes other racquet and paddle sports too. Pickleball anyone? Or, how about some beach tennis? No matter your racquet or paddle game preference, Jason can swing it! Curious? We are too!

Jason and his business partner, Rob Autry, own and operate Swing Racquet + Paddle, a multi-racquet sports campus due to open in Brier Creek in 2022. Much more than just a club, Swing will house both indoor and covered courts for all several racquet and paddle sports. Jason and Rob aim to keep you on top of your game with new sports like Padel, which combines elements of tennis and squash and is the fastest growing sport in the world. Swing will also offer onsite physical therapy, sports medicine, and sports science—connecting-the-dots between sport, health, and innovation.

Jason takes the most pride in Swing being accessible and available to the entire community.

“The real highlight, however, is the fact that this is a community play. We will, of course, have an out-of-this-world campus for avid tennis players, but it is equally important to us that we do something to improve the accessibility of our sport to newcomers and the underserved communities here in the Triangle.”

How does RTA play a part in the Swing vision? Swing and RTA share a common mission to grow tennis and make the sport more available to the greater community.

“The RTA has done more than any other organization in our marketplace to bring new people to the game while supporting programming and facilities to any extent they are able. It’s a great group of people with a lot of passion for the community.”

Here at RTA, our feeling is mutual! RTA is proud to be a part of this exciting partnership.

Jason’s tennis philosophy is one we can all get into play.

“A negative mind will never get you a positive result.” Jason thinks that most would agree this is true both on the court and in all facets of life…that’s certainly been his experience.

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